Recruitment FAQ

Why join Kappa Delta Rho?

What seems to be a simple question requires a not so simple answer. The benefits of our brotherhood are endless. With a diverse, but closely knit group of brothers you are certain to meet those who fit your personality. The ultimate benefit of KDR is the strong friendships you will build during your undergraduate years. These relationships will last you a lifetime. KDR will also help you personally. From extending your social network to gaining leadership experience, there is no doubt you will grow as an individual. But it does not stop there. Many alumni are already benefiting from their fraternity experience and want to support undergraduates in their job search. And to make sure you are an eligible candidate we have a vast support system for students who may be struggling with grades. Older brothers are more than willing to help another in need of assistance. Check out the Active Brothers page to see the numerous majors that we are pursuing. Also the Scholarship page will give you more insight into our academic side. But do not let our strong track record fool you.We know how to have a good time. You probably think you know what we are talking about but there are many incredible experiences that you can not even imagine. This website is a good place to start but for a true look, you must get to know our brothers.

I've heard fraternities haze. Does KDR?
We are strongly against all forms of hazing. Unfortunately, such activity does exist which is something you should be aware of. With KDR you will not have to worry about being put into an intimidating position or anything similar to that. As a new member, you are one of our future brothers and should be treated as such.
Our chapter, national, and university policies regarding hazing are taken very seriously. Should you have any questions or concerns please direct them to our President, Will Jackman.

How will my grades be affected?
Contrary to what you may be thinking, brother's grades usually go up after joining! Beyond just a "social" fraternity, KDR is also a fraternity full of intelligent and hardworking men. One of our core values is to support and assist each other in any way possible including academics. As an underclassmen, you will become friends with many people in the fraternity who have a significant amount of experience in what you are going through. These brothers are always more than willing to help with anything from preparing for a test or just homework in general.

How much does KDR cost to join?
During your pledge semester, each new member is required to pay a $400.00 due. This due goes towards, National Fraternity Insurance, New Member Education Materials, and initiated items once initiated. The few is due no later than the 5th week of the member's new member program. Scholarship opportunities are available here to reduce or eliminate the new member fee. All new members who earn a 3.0 or higher GPA (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester in which they pledge are eligible to automatically receive a $100 scholarship from the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation.