Recognized at the National Level

Midwestern Regional Awards

  • Recruitment 

  • Member Education 

  • Overall Excellence 

Set for Success

The brothers are extremely motivated to excel academically and devote their time to community service. With a required minimum house GPA, study room, and brothers willing to assist on school assignments, KDR gentlemen are prepared for everything. 

An Unbreakable Bond

Brothers form life-long friendships and unforgettable memories. The fraternity routinely hosts brotherhood events to strengthen friendships. 


From left to right:

First Row: Christopher Anderson, Ryan Becker, Matthew Radford, Michael Storrs, Jacob Hessler, Ty Clark, Kyle Fields

Second: Shane Addington, Peter Swales, Matthew Keane, Robert Desmond, Mason Amos, Tanner Skrove, Dare Adebonojo, John Karamichos, Justin Hopkins, Walter Kern

Third: Matthew Babich, Samuel Calderone, Joey Laria, Matthew Baker, Adit Saruah, Mason Danielson, Mac Gillooley, James Mullany

Brady Twobears Jr., Justin Weber, Raahul Arum, Edward Briscoe, Spencer Dunham, Erik Holm, Ahswin Krishnaswamy, Timothy Troland, Kyle Brace

Fourth: Sebastian Alves, Michael Davis, Davis Kahmann, Andre Kunrath, Kaellin Kelly, Max Kwan, Jackson Mauer, Ethan McAninch

Fifth: Camillo Mestre, Connor Prima, Hussain Saifuddin, Johnny Salvas, Jacob Sandefur, Luke Smith, Griffin Maloney, Jack Wheeler, Michael Colvin, Sam Gillette, Jack Kelly, Adrew Leslie, Maximillian Liao, Jamison McQueary

Sixth: Noah Nesbitt, Kole Willis, Avery Hennessey, Peter Iachini, Matthew Jennings, Alexander Lederman, Brad Leitz, Matthew Lomeo, Chris McGillicuddy, Jackson Menzel, Harrison Pavel, Drew Redinger, Colton Willoughby