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Theta chapter was found in 1921 by Gino Arturo Ratti.


Theta Chapter finished construction on our current house. Our house is filled with years of rich history and traditions.

House history

Over the years rooms of our house have been updated and the layouts have changed. We currently have 41 active members living in the house. The following is a list of some renovations and house history.

  • Fall 2011 pledge class remolded the kitchen and summer of 2020 the kitchen was updated.

  • Pool room was remodeled in 2009 by four brothers and updated Spring 2020.

  •   Fall 1992 pledge class painted the crest in the CAD.

  • CAD privacy wall was build Summer 2019.

  • Room X was originally built for our house mom but because of an accident it was closed off during construction. Later, brothers found the room and it now is home for three brothers.

  • Brother Mike is responsible for the updated wall in the Great Hall.

  • HVAC was added to the house in Summer 2019.

  • The wall out side our front door is the John C Carl Memorial Wall and has the names of very generous alumni.

  • The front door was redo by the Spring 1957 pledge class

  • We added a basketball court to the house in 2012

Our house is improving every semester by the active chapter. Our house is not just a physical structure but symbolic and means something different to every brother.

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